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SJ7 is the brainchild of the highly successful Bollywood star and entrepreneur Sachiin Joshi.

Sachiin Joshi identified that there was very little knowledge and understand of protein products, even within the fitness industry. He also recognised that this lack of knowledge would often mean that women would be turned off these sorts of products believing that they would promote muscle growth. It is often said that products like these are only for men. Finally, through researching the industry and products currently on the market he saw how poorly protein products were being produced.

SJ7's products have been designed and formulated to address each of these problems. We've developed our products based on scientific research and testing. Our mission is to educate users as to the health benefits and especially to increase usage amongst women by highlighting the specific benefits they can receive from using our products.

Production quality is a key pillar for all our products. We have worked relentlessly to ensure that all our products are produced to the highest standards and everything we include in our formulas are there for a reason.

Please browse our store to find out more about our products and if you have any specific questions please contact us.